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No fixed rate.

Our fair pricing policy...

... means clients who supply finished work will pay less than those submitting rough drafts. In any event, no client will be charged more than the guide rates (below) without prior notification.

For individuals


For businesses


For students*


CVs and covering letters


Minimum payment










The following prices are for guide purposes only - everyone's level of English is different.     

Payment methods

All payments will be rounded to the nearest hundred words. E.g. 2240 words @ £11.00. 2360 words @ £12.00.

Please note the minimum payment. E.g. 800 words @ £10.00

*Note: the student service is specifically targeted to meet student needs. Other customers should enquire before requesting this service

Paypal - please fill in the Item Price with the agreed payment total.  

Bank transfer - our bank details will be supplied with your sample edit and quotation.

Repeat customers 

Repeat customers who intend to submit multiple, brief assignments, can be allocated (word) credit against unused words provided this is discussed in advance. As a result, repeat customers will only pay for words sent (rather than the minimum payment each time).       

 Proofreading          Copy-editing

£1.00          per 100 words


£1.00          per 100 words


N/A             per 100 words





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