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From Science Fiction to Thriller, Fantasy to Romance; whatever the genre, you keep your hands on the creative steering wheel while WordWolf shifts your writing up a gear. Present your work at the earliest possible stage to receive targeted advice, which, once applied, will help hone any chapters still forming in your imagination. A critique is a systematic analysis which examines: structure, plot, character, pov, writing style, and marketability. 




So you've decided to write a book. Your life, your memories, your area of expertise - you've got a take that's all your own. WordWolf editors understand the importance of retaining your voice, your storytelling tone, while helping to convey your experiences clearly and concisely.  


Call or email to outline your writing project. Attach a sample of your work (500 - 5,000 words) to our secure email address. WordWolf will return a sample critique and recommend a level of editorial input, without obligation.  


There is no shortage of literary consultants and editors charging handsomely to assess unpolished manuscripts. As an author you'll be aware of the pitfalls of relying on friends and family to appraise your work. WordWolf's critique service for creative writing won't break the bank. We welcome sample chapters or partial submissions. Manuscripts with higher word counts will attract lower rates. For a quotation, please attach a sample of your writing to an email. 

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