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Q: Does proofreading include tables and graphics?

A: Yes. Contents within tables, and the tables themselves will be edited as necessary. However, in common with all written content submitted for proofreading, embedded tables, images, photographs, etc., should be in a completed state. It is not part of the proofreading process to position, select font, or otherwise assemble table content (copy-editing tasks)  

Q: My document is wholly comprised of tables, can it still be proofread?

A: Yes. However word count is likely to be irrelevant. Our fair pricing policy ensures the cost is proportional to the completion time of the job.

Q: I'm attaching a work-related report: how secure is your system?

A: Our email service is encrypted, giving peace of mind. Only the proofreader sees your work. It is not shared with any external agency. One copy of the final document is retained in WordWolf's records.  

Q: I don't use Paypal or transfer money online. Do you accept other payment methods?

A: Drop us an email, with a view to sending a cheque. The onus will be on us to establish our authenticity and good faith. You will be under no obligation at any stage.

Q: I haven't finished my thesis, but I want to learn from any early mistakes I've made. Can I send the partial document for proofreading?

A: Yes. Please state in your email that the document is incomplete. For your own information, note the word count prior to sending your work. 

Q: How do I find the word count?

A: If working in MS Word, the word count can be found using the Tools tab.

Q: WordWolf edited my 5000 word short story to 4000 words. Why did the charge not reflect that reduction?

A: Prices are based on the submitted work, not the edited version.

Q: My Web content is not available as plain text. Will you proofread it online?

A: Yes. 

Q: My website contains errors, but I'm too busy to fix them. Do you edit websites? 

A: Yes. Woldwolf will liaise with you or your web developer to gain access to the web content offline. 

Q: Do I pay before I receive the finished document? 

A: Yes. Customers will only receive a small sample of edited work before making payment.

Q: My document is in PDF format. Can you still track the changes?

A: No. However, all suggested edits will be shown on your file using the PDF comments tools.

Q: Do you critique poetry?

A: No.

Q: Can I pay with a debit or credit card?

A: Yes. The Paypal option will accept debit and credit cards as indicated.