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Proofreading for students

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... it just doesn't happen to be English. 




Research work




Personal statements

CVs and cover letters

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Your future earnings may depend on the qualification you achieve. Markers of academic work are only human; don't let poor presentation of your work lead them to draw the wrong conclusions. 


Corrects punctuation, spelling and grammar.

Eliminates typos and formatting errors.

Checks page numbers, headings, and lists of contents.

Ensures consistency in usage, hyphenation, and layout.

Resolves omissions and repetitions.

Prioritises any need for light editing.

Involves liaison with the client by email, confirming word count and price.


A sample of WordWolf’s work will always be returned to first-time customers before payment is due.


(If satisfied, the customer pays the agreed amount - usually by Paypal).


WordWolf returns the finished document by email. See proofreading or FAQs for further details.

How much will it cost?

Prices for all student document types (except CVs and covering letters) are based on the guide rate shown below.


Guide rate: £0.50 per 100 words. Minimum charge £10.00


Just as extra effort invested now will optimise your degree award, minimal cash spent on the presentation of your work may be returned a hundred-fold in your first year of paid employment. Send an email with your work attached to get an exact price. 

ESL proofreading (English as a second language)

Completing a degree in a foreign language is a huge challenge. WordWolf will ensure students from abroad are not disadvantaged relative to native English speakers when it comes to presenting their written English.  

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WordWolf understands that students want an affordable service - but no skimping -our student service includes a light edit on documents such as:

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WordWolf will not be a party to plagiarism. We will help you achieve the grade your own work deserves, but we will not write it for you, or otherwise rewrite plagiarised work.

Translation of the following languages are currently available: 





Our Translation service will:

Translate your written work into English.

Maintain its academic tone.

Proofread the translated work.